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Adega de Borba even more sustainable

Adega de Borba obtains certification from the ‘Sustainability Program for Alentejo Wines’.

4 de January, 2023

Adega Cooperativa de Borba has just obtained certification from the ‘Sustainability Program for Alentejo Wines’ (PSVA), applied to the Vineyards and Wineries (vinification and bottling of white, red and rosé wines, liqueur and sparkling wines, distillation and bottling of spirits). This sustainable production certification, awarded by one of the independent Certifying Entities that collaborate with the Alentejo Wine Commission for the certification of PSVA members, authorizes the use of a seal, unique in the Portuguese wine sector, on all products listed above.
The wine sector has been instrumental in implementing more sustainable practices, assuming a leadership role in agriculture. Like other regions in the world, the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission decided to launch a Sustainability Plan for Alentejo Wines in 2013, providing participants with a tool to assess how they carry out their activities and offer recommendations to increase competitiveness and sustainability of Alentejo wines.

For Adega de Borba, sustainability has always been an unavoidable path, both at an environmental and social level, and for this reason its adherence to the PSVA was immediate, a symbol of a true collective effort by the winegrowing Alentejo.
At a time when the availability of natural resources is increasingly scarce, the concept of circular economy gains even more importance. This model of sustainable development makes it possible to return materials to the production cycle through their reuse, recovery, repair and recycling, thus ensuring greater efficiency in the use and management of natural resources, greater sustainability of the Planet and well-being of populations.

  • Environmental Sustainability:
    Under the threat of climate change, the winegrowing Alentejo is aware of the need to adapt some cultural practices to the conservation of natural resources, in particular soil, water and the region’s rich biodiversity. In this sense, the concept of sustainability has become increasingly important at Adega de Borba. After all, the wine sector depends on the same natural resources, and in the future without them all production and quality would be impacted. Fundamental has been the involvement of the 270 associated winegrowers who in recent years have been changing most of the cultural techniques in the vineyard, in the sense of better soil conservation, water and waste management, energy use and biodiversity conservation.


  • Social Sustainability:
    Essential for the economic development of the region, Adega de Borba represents a hub for creating wealth in an inland region, distributing that same wealth to its winegrowing partners, employees, service providers and suppliers in the region, various public institutions, among others, thus contributing to the maintenance of employment and the well-being of many families. All the value created here is distributed here, going against the extractive trend that leads to the desertification of many regions of our country.


We are proud of the recognition of the commitment of the entire team over these years, which will also translate into the projection of the brand in strategic international markets that increasingly value good practices in terms of sustainability.

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