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Fonte Mar Fish Stew by Fonte Mar Restaurant

A sea-flavored dish to cook with your favorite fish.

Roast Octopus by Piparoza Restaurant

An octopus recipe well watered with olive oil, irresistible for lovers of these two ingredients.

Felgueiras Cod by João da Reta Restaurant

A recipe with a unique flavor that combines tradition with innovation.

Risotto with Saltimbocca by Chesery Restaurant

A delicious Italian recipe to be successful and prepare in shortly time.

Breadcrumbs with Asparagus and Pork by A Cocheira Restaurant

A comforting recipe with Alentejo flavors.

Flaked Cod Stack by Casa Lau Restaurant

A Portuguese cod recipe that never disappoints.

Spiced, Slow-cooked Lamb Shank by Casa Lau Restaurant

A lamb shank recipe for tender and juicy meat.

Roast Kid by Quinta da Peneda Restaurant

A delicious recipe from Roast Kid, to be slowly prepared and savored.

Alentejan Egg Pudding With Elvas Plums by Os Cucos Restaurant

A typical Alentejo dessert to end your meal in the best way.

Dogfish With Sauteed Onions by Os Cucos Restaurant

Dogfish is a very versatile fish, and this is a great way to taste it.

Stone-Cooked Veal by Pedro’s Restaurant

A Stone-Cooked Veal recipe, easy to prepare and mouth-watering.

Roast Kid by Pizzaria Vieira Restaurant

One of the most traditional ways of serving meat, this Roast Kid is a recipe full of flavor.

Creamy Cod Gratin by Belo Horizonte Restaurant

A recipe that everyone loves. Creamy Cod Gratin is one of the classic dishes in Portugal.

Breadcrumbs With Black Pork Neck by A Cabana Restaurant

A tasty traditional recipe to share with family and friends.

House Special Cod by Venda Azul Restaurant

A perfect recipe for good cod lovers.

Peas With Poached Eggs by Casa Antero Restaurant

An easy-to-prepare and relatively quick recipe, peas with poached eggs are a great choice.

New vintage Adega de Borba Premium Branco

Adega de Borba presents the new vintage of Adega de Borba Premium Branco, a wine that brings Premium quality to the Adega de Borba range.

Fresh elegant whites

Since there’s no better accompaniment for the warm days on the horizon than a nice fresh white wine, Adega de Borba has launched its new white wine vintages.

Adega de Borba reopens for wine tourism

Adega de Borba reopens for wine tourism on Tuesday 1 June, offering tours of the winery and wine tastings.

Adega de Borba presents the new 2020 vintage Senses Viognier

Ageda de Borba presents its 2020 vintage Senses Viognier, produced using Viognier grapes, one of the latest varieties introduced to the Alentejo region.

New vintage Adega de Borba Premium Tinto

Our first new release of 2021 is now available. Introducing the 2019 vintage of Adega de Borba Premium Tinto.

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