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Fresh elegant whites

Since there’s no better accompaniment for the warm days on the horizon than a nice fresh white wine, Adega de Borba has launched its new white wine vintages.

10 de September, 2021

The range of white grape varieties used to produce these wines embodies the traditions and flavours of the Borba region terroir, with its shale, clay, and marble-rich soils. Expertise honed over centuries, the grape varieties, the soils, and the microclimate of a region ranging from 300 to 440 metres in altitude combine to produce excellent wines, perfect paired with traditional Alentejan cuisine, or dishes from around the world.

For lovers of young wines, Adega de Borba Branco 2020 has a defined citrine colour. Produced using Antão Vaz, Arinto and Roupeiro grapes, this white wine has good intensity of aroma, with notes of fresh ripe fruit. A wine to serve as an aperitive or as an accompaniment to seafood, fresh grilled fish, and white meats.

Quintas de Borba Branco 2020 is a white wine created using a blend of Roupeiro, Arinto and Verdelho grapes, with an intense citrus and tropical fruit aroma. Fresh and smooth on the palate, with a prominent tropical fruit structure and lingering light floral notes; a young wine that is bound to make an impression this Spring season. This product is available exclusively to the hospitality sector and specialist wine merchants.

The grapes used to create Montes Claros Branco 2020 come from the finest plots, from environmentally sustainable vineyards certified to produce Alentejo PDO wines. This white wine is created by combining the Arinto, Roupeiro, Antão Vaz and Alvarinho grape varieties. Intense, with hints of indulgent tropical fruit, it has good volume in the mouth and excellent acidity. This line is also exclusive to the hospitality sector and leading specialist wine merchants.

Castelo de Borba White 2020, is produced using Antão Vaz grapes. This wine has a citrine colour, reminiscent of ripe lemons, with tropical fruit aromas and a hint of spice. Its acidity and fragrant stone fruit finish give it a fresh taste. It is perfect paired with pasta dishes, seafood, and fresh grilled fish.

  • Adega de Borba Branco has an RRP of €3.59
  • Quintas de Borba Branco has an RRP of 99
  • Montes Claros Branco has an RRP of 99
  • Castelo de Borba Branco has an RRP of €4.99
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