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Joaquim Barnabé Ramalho

José Barnabé Ramalho was elected as the first President of Adega Cooperativa de Borba when he was 62 years old. He held this position between 1955 and1958.

Joaquim Barnabe Ramalho
25 de August, 2021

Joaquim Barnabé Ramalho (1955 – 1958)


Short profile


• Adega Cooperativa de Borba’s first President.
• Profession: Farmer.
• When he took the job he was 62 years old.
• He was elected after the death of President José Ferreira Coelho, who got seriously ill in August 1955.


Main events during his mandate


• The first construction phase of Adega Cooperativa de Borba facilities, located in Rossio de Cima (Borba), started during his mandate.

In 1956, the first grapes for processing were received, although the first main campaign was the one from 1958/59.

In 1959 Adega Cooperativa de Borba started to sell wine and brandy.

In the first campaigns of this triennium, the transport used to deliver the grapes to the winery was the cart. They were kept inside barrels (in brass or in wood), which were lifted thanks to a mechanical system that existed near to the grape delivery tanks.

At that time, the number of employees was reduced: 1 winery and 7 assistants. On the other hand, during the first two years of Adega Cooperativa de Borba operation, the administrative tasks were managed at Grémio da Lavoura.


Título Constituição Adea Cooperativa de Borba
Adega Cooperativa de Borba foundation


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