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Peas With Poached Eggs by Casa Antero Restaurant

An easy-to-prepare and relatively quick recipe, peas with poached eggs are a great choice.


Difficulty level



(serves 2)

400g Peas
2 tablespoons oil
80g streaky bacon
80g chorizo
1 onion
7 cloves of garlic
2 ripe tomatoes
1 teaspoon salt
4 eggs
Pepper to taste and coriander to taste.


Put the peas in water. Heat oil in a pan, add the chopped bacon and sauté. Add the sliced chorizo and finely chopped onion and garlic. Cook for around 5 minutes then add the tomato, chopped into small cubes. Add the peas, cover the pan, and cook for a further 3 minutes. Season with salt, stir, then crack the eggs into the cooked mixture. Allow them to cook a little, taking care that the yolks do not become hard. Remove from the heat, season with a little pepper and serve immediately.

Preparation time

25 minutes

Restaurante Casa Antero

Casa Antero – (Pachá) Beco do Forno 9
2500-073 Caldas da Rainha
Telefone: 911762388

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