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The story of Rézio’s Family and Casa das Talhas

For the success of Adega de Borba, it was extremely important the effort and dedication of several families. In this article, you’ll get to know Rézio Family, whose house can be visited nowadays in Borba.

Famílai Rézio
25 de August, 2021

On December 25th (1937) Esmeralda and Mariano married and turned their residence into the family house ever since, where their children and grandchildren were born.

This house, dating from the 19th century, had on its ground floor a wine cellar with 46 original wine amphorae, a vinegar cellar, a courtyard, old stables, and, on the upper floor, the housing part.

This family winery worked until the Adega Cooperativa de Borba foundation, in 1957 (Mariano was one of its founding partners in 1955).

Today, “Adega da Família” is an interactive museum, located in Borba, aimed to promote the ancestral art of producing wine in jars. The project “Casa Museu Interativa de Borba” intends to requalify a unique family space with historical and heritage value for the region, dating from the 19th century.

Its collection includes 46 wine amphorae of different sizes, original from the Alentejo pottery of S. Pedro do Corval and Campo Maior, as well as utensils and instruments used in the production of carved wine.

It is intended that the visitor understands the past and current experiences of wine production, as well as get to know the typical products of the region.


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Mobile phone: 925076864

Casa Museu Interativa de Borba


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