Adega de Borba brings home German gold with Montes Claros Garrafeira 2011

Imagem_Montes_Claros_Garrafeira_Montra_PremioMundus Vini Competition – Summer Tasting

Adega de Borba has won one of the most desired medals in the summer edition of the well-know competition Mundus Vini 2014 – Summer Tasting: the gold medal for its Montes Claros Garrafeira 2011 wine. According to Manuel Rocha, Adega de Borba’s CEO, “This award is extremely important to the story of Montes Claros Garrafeira and it will surely catch the attention of the consumers in the market. After the 2009 vintage, which leaves its wonderful memories behind, this award granted to Montes Claros Garrafeira 2011 gives way to another success at the table of the most exquisite wine lovers.”

Montes Claros Garrafeira was produced from a previous selection of grapes from the oldest vineyards planted in schist soils, with a strict control on the productivity and monitoring of the maturation and the evolution of each grape and specific plot. The process includes extreme careful in the production of the grapes with the utmost quality. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are gently crushed with total destemming, process after which the alcoholic fermentation follows. The latter is performed in stainless steel vats, with moderate mechanical crush, ending with a 10-day maceration under a controlled temperature of 24 ºC. The malolactic fermentation is performed in new French, American and brown oak barrels, where the wine then ages for 12 months. After a slight filtration, the wine is bottled and ages for another 30 months in the bottle.

The entire process results in a wine of excellent quality, worthy of a German award due to its main characteristics: deep grenade colour, clearness, good aromatic intensity and strong notes of red fruits in jam, coffee, chocolate and spices. The flavour is soft and fruity, an excellent structure with a slight astringency and toast, full-bodied, yet soft tannins of berries. The finish is long, balanced, elegant and persistent.

This wine was one of the biggest winners at Mundus Vini 2014 – Summer Tasting, where the Alentejo region took home the majority of the gold medals awarded to Portugal. Apart from this award, Adega de Borba has also won two silver medals for Montes Claros Reserva White 2013 and Adega de Borba Rosé 2013.

Montes Claros Garrafeira 2011 has a recommended retail price of 12.49 € and it will be available in the market from October 2014.

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About Adega de Borba

Founded in 1955 Adega de Borba is a cooperative of 300 wine growers who cultivate around 2,100 hectares of vine (70% red grapes and 30% white grapes), an annual volume of one million cases of 9 litres. Adega de Borba is one of the 10 biggest wine producers in the country. Within its portfolio some of the more distinctive wines are Adega de Borba DOC, one of the top selling wines in Portugal within its segment, the iconic Adega de Borba Reserva “Rótulo de Cortiça”, a brand that is over 45 years old and one of the most important hallmarks from the Alentejo region, the historical Montes Claros, a brand which dates back to 1945, one the first names to be distinguished by its unique quality in Portugal, Convento da Vila which is widely known for its value for money, and the most recent range of single varietals under the name Senses. In 2013 Adega de Borba was distinguished with the “Winery of the Year” award its wines were awarded with 52 medals in all national and international competitions held that year.