• Region: Borba - Alentejo - Portugal
  • Soil: Extra Virgin; Galician Olives

This extra virgin olive oil carries Adega de Borba’s well-known symbol of quality and represents the gourmet style and richness of this region’s gastronomy. This olive oil has the typical characteristics of its region, resulting from the predominant use of Galician olives, the main variety in the Alentejo region.
Used predominantly in the Mediterranean cuisine, this olive oil has a special hint of magic from the region which is allied to the particularity and richness of the local gastronomy.The olives are cultivated in the oldest groves of the region. The extraction of the oil in the highest maturation point of the olives allows the production of a nectar with strong aromas and flavours. The olive oil is thus full-bodied, yet elegant, with slight hints of spices.

The aromas of Adega de Borba’s extra virgin olive oil are of ripened fruit and dry fruits. The flavour is sweet, fresh and oily with hints of spices and some bitterness; delicate persistence in texture.

Much like our tradition dictates in the Norte Alentejano, Adega de Borba’s extra virgin olive oil is ideal both for cooking and to season raw food. It is perfect for every dish, especially to accompany such traditional dishes, from the most elaborate to the most delicate ones, like codfish, grilled fish and salads.

Cases of 12 bottles x 0,50 L
Cases of 12 bottles x 0,25 L