The birth of the first grapes at Borba 

BagoChumboThe vines have just started to show their “babies”. After the fertilisation and the flowering, the first grapes have just started to appear.This year we are looking at an heterogeneity in the development of the fruits.
In this true vegetative state, there are pellets (first stage of the fruiting) and grapes with the size of peas, a later stage. This means some grapes are in their “childhood” phase, others in their “adolescence” stage.

The difference in the evolution of the grapes is related to the fact that the beginning of May was a very hot period, followed by lower temperatures. This situation is of no concern, because vineyards do have a tremendous capacity for recovery. We are expecting the grapes to gain colour within the next five or six weeks.

Evolution stages occur on all the grape varieties, allowing us to see both the pellets and the grapes with the size of peas across all of them. In the next few days, the fruits will start to grow. If all goes as expected, we should be thinking about the harvest period within two months.