“Wine and Spirits Competition” awards Adega de Borba with three gold medals

Competition held in Moscow, Russia

Adega de Borba received three gold medals at the “Wine and Spirits Competition” held in Russia. The wines awarded were Montes Claros Garrafeira 2009, Adega de Borba Premium 2011 and Adega de Borba “Rótulo de Cortiça” 2011. The competition included tasting and evaluation of around 700 beverages from roughly 200 manufacturers from 20 different countries.
The competition was held during the 21st edition of the biggest fair for agro-food products, PRODEXPO 2014, held from the 10th February to the 14th February in Moscow, Russia. The competition awarded 59 Portuguese wines from 13 winemakers with 37 gold medals and 22 silver.
The jury was composed of representatives from the “Russian Institute for Beverages, Non-alcoholic Beverages and Wine”, the “Russian Institute for Food Biotechnology” and the “International Association of Russian Sommeliers”.
Adega de Borba Premium 2011 is produced from selected grapes from the oldest vineyards in the region of Borba. It has a grenade colour with great depth and a good intensity in the aroma revealing hints of ripen red fruits, jam and ripen pepper. The flavour is soft and elegant with notes of black fruits, coffee and chocolate. Fine structure and persistent finish.
Adega de Borba “Rótulo de Cortiça” 2011 is a reserva red which is only produced in very exceptional years. It has a clear aspect and well-defined ruby colour with red nuances, a fine and elegant aroma with hints of black fruits, jam and white chocolate. The flavour is soft, slightly astringent, balanced and fruity with soft but well-structured tannins. Elegant in the aftertaste.
Montes Claros Garrafeira 2009 has a deep grenade colour. It has a good aromatic intensity with strong notes of red fruits in jam, coffee, chocolate and spices. The flavour is soft, fresh and fruity with great structure; slight astringency of spices and toast with tannins of full-bodied, yet soft, wild berries. Strong prolonged finish with balance, elegance and persistence.
PRODEXPO is the biggest annual specialised fair held in Russia and Eastern Europe. It has the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, and is supervised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow Government. Over the past 20 years PRODEXPO was a crucial element in determining the development of the national agro-foods industry and has since then performed a key role in boosting this industry in Russia.

Adega de Borba’s website www.adegaborba.pt and online shop www.adegaborba.pt/loja.


About Adega de Borba

Founded in 1955 Adega de Borba is a cooperative of 300 wine growers who cultivate around 2,100 hectares of vine (70% red grapes and 30% white grapes), an annual volume of one million cases of 9 litres. Adega de Borba is one of the 10 biggest wine producers in the country.
Within its portfolio some of the more distinctive wines are Adega de Borba DOC, one of the top selling wines in Portugal within its segment, the iconic Adega de Borba Reserva “Rótulo de Cortiça”, a brand that is over 45 years old and one of the most important hallmarks from the Alentejo region, the historical Montes  Claros, a brand which dates back to 1945, one the first names to be distinguished by its unique quality in Portugal, Convento da Vila which is widely known for its value for money, and the most recent range of single varietals under the name Senses. In 2013 Adega de Borba’s wines were awarded with 52 medals in all national and international competitions held that year.