Adega de Borba has been growing and modernising itself throughout the past five decades

occupying 2 distinct areas: the original one with about 12,000 m2, and the most recent one with 140,000 m2. The new winery is located in the most recently-built facilities.

01 /05


The vinification process which begins with the reception and unloading of the grapes in the grain tank;
In the pressing machines area the white grape is pressed before decantation and fermentation, or in the end of the fermentation in case of the red grapes.

02 /05

Filtration vault

This is the area where some processes are conducted, especially harvesting, filtration and stabilisation of the wines before they’re bottled using the cooling system if necessary.

03 /05

Ageing cellar

This is a very special place where we store the wines during their ageing process.
They’re used for quality wines which are ageing either in the barrels or already in the bottle, a privileged place with excavation in the marble rocks which are so traditional in the region of Borba.

04 /05


The different laboratories handle the control and monitorisation of the HACCP (Análise de Riscos e Pontos Críticos de Controlo, Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan defined for the production process of the Adega de Borba;
a multi-parameter analysis of the grapes and wines throughout their evolution (control of the physical and chemical parameters of the wine in a short period of time); the quality-control of the packaging materials.

05 /05

The Wine Shop:

The Adega the Borba has set up a remarkable shop with a vast portfolio of wines, some of them already out of stock due to regular commercial activities.
On the other hand this vast and seductive space also allows one to gain access to local tourist information, as well as to visit the premises and taste wines – please make your reservation in advance.