Quality Policy

As the oldest and most expressive winery in the Borba sub-region, at ACB C.R.L. undertake to comply with legal requirements, statutes and customers, always seeking a continuous improvement of the Quality and Food Safety Management Policy, proposing:

  • Practice quality management and food safety as a dynamic, evolutionary and permanent feedback process and promote a food safety culture within the organization. 
  • Commitment to produce grapes and wines in a sustainable way in partnership with winegrowers, suppliers, customers and the surrounding community, ensuring the economic viability of the wine sector and ensuring that the environmental performance of the activity has a positive impact.
  • Guarantee the food safety of its products, through the implementation of the HACCP system.
  •  Satisfy the needs and expectations of customers as a primary concern, working in accordance with the Quality Management and Food Safety System implemented and the legislation in force, trying to respond quickly and effectively to their requests.
  • Bet on the diversification and image of products and packaging, through technological research and perseverance of its employees.
  • Provide facilities and a working environment in accordance with the prerequisites of hygiene, food safety and health hygiene and safety at work, product characteristics and production capacity.
  • Guarantee an ethical conduct of non-differentiation between employees, victims of their origin, culture, ethnicity, gender or personal differences.
  • Communicate to all interested parties the requirements that guarantee the food safety of their products.
  • Communicate your policy internally and externally.
  • Train and inform its employees, in order to promote their constant updating and improvement and awareness of compliance with the policy.