Adega de Borba has the physical capacity to relate the characteristics of the grapes it receives in the premises to each subcompartment of the vine that originates them, i.e., it can relate the quality of the grapes with the productive system which originates them. Combining this historical knowledge with the technical evaluation performed annually by Adega de Borba’s technicians allows us to perform an efficient management of the harvest allowing us to define the oenological destiny of the grapes even before they’re spooned.
At the moment each of the Adega de Borba’s partners explores an average of 7.42 ha of vineyard; 25% of the associates hold 75% of the production land which makes the communication flow easier, as it must coexist between oenology and viticulture.
The differentiated payment of the grapes depending on the various qualitative parameters is another key factor which stimulates the excellence in production, as each of the wine growers (who reflect the interest in the market) guarantee the splendor associated with the wines of this region.
The relation between the characteristics of the grapes in each subcompartment of the vine allows the Adega de Borba:

  • To reduce inefficiencies that may be identified;
  • To help manage the harvest;
  • To associate the production system with the quality of the grapes grown;
  • To stimulate the continuous improvement by comparing the most advantageous results.

In these hard times the country is going through only the best ones can prosper. The Adega de Borba and their associates wish to follow the same path towards leadership.