• Region: Borba - Alentejo - Portugal
  • Denomination: V.L.Q.P.R.D. Alentejo Liqueur Wine
  • Wine: White Liqueur Wine
  • Grape varieties: Roupeiro
  • Soil: Chalky clay and schist

This liqueur wine is produced only from the variety “Roupeiro”, the white most important variety in Alentejo region.
After a selection of the best well-matured grapes directly in the vineyards, in the Adega they are carefully crushed, then separated from the must. We add a special high-qualitative brandy to the must to stop fermentation, thus creating a sweeter wine in the mouth.
To improve its exceptional characteristics, then the liqueur wine ages for 6 to 8 months in French oaken casks.

Amber colour. Intense, elegant and fruity aroma, with a particular presence of peach and apricot. Sweet, velvety flavour with a long finish in the mouth of compote.

As an aperitif, it should be served chilled with a piece of lemon. As an accompaniment to dessert, it should be served at room temperature. This wine can be served young or stored for several months in cellar with adequate conditions.

Alcohol Contend



Contains sulfits

Cases of 6 bottles x 0,75 L.

  • Region: Borba - Alentejo - Portugal
  • Denomination:  VLQPRD - D.O.C. Alentejo
  • Type: Red
  • Grape varieties: Aragonez and Touriga Nacional
  • Soil: Schist

This liqueur wine was produced exclusively from the grape Aragonez, one of the most important red varieties in the Alentejo region, more specifically in Borba. After a selection of the finest grapes in perfect maturation state, the grapes were carefully crushed as they arrived in the winery, separating the wine mass in stainless steel wine mills (lagares). During the fermentation process and by achieving a good balance between alcohol and sugar levels, the must was removed and arrested by the addition of wine spirit especially selected for the purpose. It then aged for 3 years in French oak barrels and 2 more years in exotic wood tanks, thus originating a different product with an excellent quality. It aged for about 6 months in the cellar after being bottled.

Clear appearance, amber colour with red nuances. Intense, rich and complex aroma of raisins, nuts and spices. Soft balanced and fresh flavour with notes of jam and red fruits, elegant and persistent finish.

At 16 ºC, as an aperitif. To accompany desserts or as a digestive after meals. This wine can be consumed immediately after bottling or stored for many years in the cellar at controlled temperature and humidity levels.



Total Acidity

4,20 g/l




Contains sulfits

Individual box of 0.75 L